Robert H. Beeman
Coral Glades High School Pool Substitute Teacher
Updated 2009-08-13  

I am a pool sub at Coral Glades High School in Coral Springs, FL, and can only accept assignments at that school. My ID number is 57368.

If you are a teacher, aide, or assistant at Coral Glades and want to schedule me, please check the table below to see if I am free. I update this table from my SEMS page about once per day. If I am free on the day(s) you want, you can schedule me in any of the following ways, in order of preference:

If you want me to teach the normal lesson rather than worksheets, etc. please contact me with this information. I feel most comfortable with this in math, physical sciences or business classes.

The best ways to contact me are:

Note that the overall needs of the school take precedence over individual bookings or agreements.

If you enter me for your class I will always do my best to fulfill the assignment. Nevertheless, the school administration reserves the right to change my schedule without notice. If they find it necessary to do this, they will find another sub for your class.

A copy of my Mini-Resume is Here.     I look forward to hearing from you.