Robert H. Beeman

295 NW 107th Avenue
Coral Springs, FL 33071
Tel: 954-755-8317

I aspire to be an effective and inspiring High School substitute teacher, especially in Mathematics, Physics, and Business, and to continually increase in knowledge and ability.

Education and Training
Transcripts and documentation are available on request.

Experience with Leadership of Students
While I am relatively new to teaching, I have been involved with Students most of my life: Background Summary
I have more than 35 years of experience as an Electrical Engineer with Siemens ICN (previously a division of GTE, now part of Verizon) involving positions of steadily increasing responsibility. This included total responsibility for a number of major projects requiring technical, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Highlights include: Selected Accomplishments Leisure Activities
These include writing humorous poetry (samples on request, one has been published), and participating in a local book-reading club. This Summer (2005) I have been learning Java programming.

I have long-standing and continuing interests in science (particularly astronomy), mathematics, technology, cryptography, Ham Radio (K9PLH) and electronics. These interests began in childhood and are still active.

Available on request, or just EMAIL some of the teachers for whom I have substituted. They are listed on my schedule page.