Sonnet 1
The Damnation, and Salvation, of a Substitute Teacher.
©2007, 2013, Bob Beeman
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  Yon students stand forlornly in the hall,
They wait, in vain, to see their teacher's smile.
Alas! A sub, his back against the wall
Is lurking there; he ponders for a while

The lesson plans, ensconced within the room,
Which mock him, as they lie far out of reach.
He feels the sting of fast-approaching doom,
Their lack will leave but little there to teach.

In vain he turns the handle on the door,
But by this move he gains not entry there.
With eyes cast down he gazes at the floor,
And sadly ponders life - is it not fair?

It is! For coming down the hall he sees -
O Blessed Sight! An angel bearing keys!

    - R. H. Beeman © 2007, 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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Substitute teachers don't get a lot of respect, and have some practical problems as well. If you are a sub, make sure you are on VERY good terms with everyone on the Security and Maintenance staff. A sense of humor doesn't hurt either!

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