Literary Limericks
Great works of Art, Literature, Theater, and Cinema summarized in limericks
©2014, Bob Beeman
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R. H. Beeman
Secret codes figure large in this tale,
As does Silas, A man who is pale.
There's a murder as well,
By some folks bound for Hell,
And they're all looking hard for the Grail.
R. H. Beeman
Some Invaders from far out in space,
Who were bent on destroying our race
Were repelled by a hacker,
A crop-dusting cracker,
A nuke, and a leatherneck Ace.
R. H. Beeman
Though the outlaw was true to his Bess,
They were both placed in dire distress.
She was tied like a hog,
He was shot like a dog,
And they've both become ghosts now, I guess.
R. H. Beeman
The king of a far-away land
Wore a sneer of disdainful command,
He was prideful and cruel,
But is now just a fool
Buried up to his neck in the sand.
R. H. Beeman
Finding gold in the Yukon's no joke,
Mushing dogs can sure wear down a bloke.
But in case you should die,
There's a pal standing by,
Who will send your remains up in smoke.
R. H. Beeman
Heavy books read at night in your room
Can result in forebodings of doom.
And if grief for Lenore
Brings a bird to your door,
Nevermore will there be aught but gloom.
R. H. Beeman
Della's hair was a thing to behold.
And Jim's watch had been made of pure gold.
But the love that was there,
Not the watch or the hair,
Was the Gift that could never be sold.
R. H. Beeman
When you're hiking alone in the wood
You may think that your choices are good.
But a little reflection
May change your direction
Or at least make you wish that you could.

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The idea of summarizing works of literature, etc. in limericks was suggested to me several years ago by someone whose name I don't remember at a "Poetry Night" at the Broward County (Florida) public Library.

It seemed like such a great idea, that I started writing these. My apology to whomever came up with this idea in the first place.

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My only reward for writing this is the 15 milliseconds of fame I receive from having my name here. Don't deprive me of that.