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What is "Monk"?
"Monk" is a TV series airing on the USA Network cable channel in the US.

Why is this here?
My wife and I are "Monk Addicts", having been introduced to the series by two of her sisters, who were fans from the beginning. In fact, as one of the "Monk" promos on USA Network suggests, our deepest fear IS that we will never see another original episode. Fourtunately, there is little chance of that, based on the ratings.

Series Premise:
Adrian Monk (played by Tony Shalhoub) is a former San Francisco Police detective on long-term psychiatric leave from the department. He is a brilliant detective, and solves cases that mystify everyone else (just like every other detective series). But Monk is different, because a big part of his ability to solve cases is a result of his obsessive-compulsive disorder, which makes him a rather strange person and often causes people who first meet him to dismiss him as someone not to be taken seriously, or even as a lunatic. But of course Monk is anything but a lunatic, and any criminal who doesn't take him seriously is making the biggest mistake of his or her life.

Monk is on Psychiatric Leave because his obsessive compulsive symptoms were aggravated by car-bombing murder of his wife which occurred years before the series starts. Monk is still pursuing the reasons for his wife's murder and in the meantime does investigations under contract to the SFPD. He has a dream that he will someday find out the full truth about his wife's murder and the reasons behind it.

One of the most important things to remember about this series is that, as with Columbo, James Bond, and Star Trek, if you don't appreciate the humor, you are missing the point.

But the most important thing to remember is that people with serious handicaps, mental or physical, often rise above their problems and lead honorable and praiseworthy lives and sometimes even achieve greatness. In that "Monk" is reality.

Series Episodes:
The episodes below are just an informal list which I only occasionally update. The original purpose of putting it here was to keep track of which episodes we have taped. We tape them and mail the tapes to Rosann's sisters, who can't see "Monk" on TV anymore because "Monk" now only airs on USA Network, a cable network, and no longer airs on broadcast network ABC.

There is a good page about "Monk" on the TV Tome Site and also a much better Episode List there, which is kept up-to-date and has a lot more information.

Instant Gratification:
You can order Monk Episodes on DVD. The links for are below for your convenience, but you can buy them just about anywhere. I don't have any commercial arrangement with Amazon, and I don't get any money or anything else when you use these links.
    Monk, Season 1
    Monk, Season 2
    Monk, Season 3 To be released 2005 July 5.

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