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Portfolio Rebalance tool.
This is a web page that tells you how much of each asset you have to buy or sell to get back to your policy portfolio. As it is written using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and the DOM, you will have to save the data independently. The data can be exported to tab delimited form to allow it to be easily pasted into a spreadsheet.
NOTE THAT THIS PAGE MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. It is your responsibility to check that what you are doing with your money is reasonable.

Vanguard Diehards Tools.
This page consists of tools for formatting posts on the "Vanguard Diehards" site. Vanguard Diehards are a group that congregates on the Morningstar discussion board devoted to discussing Vanguard and investing in general. It is really the cadillac of investment discussion sites: you won't find any "Beating the Market" nonsense there, but rather sound discussions about investing and academic research on investing.