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Broward SSO Broward Single Sign-On (SSO) Launchpad (fixed to go directly to login page). Home CGHS
Child Abuse Info on how to report Suspected Child Abuse. Home CGHS
Hurricane Info Link to the National Hurricane Center Atlantic prediction.
Click on the icon for the storm you want to track.
Daniel Levinson Link to an interview with him about his father in Iraq Home CGHS
WJAG TV Website for the Coral Glades HS TV Network Updated for 2016-17 school year.
Mail announcements to
Abby M. Freedman School Board Member, District 4
Phone: 754-321-2004
Cell: 954-235-9764
APEX Learning Login Page for APEX Classes. Home CGHS
AppliTrack Apply for Employment with Broward Schools Home CGHS
BCAA (Sports) Broward County Athletic Association. Sports News. Home CGHS
BCPS Policies All of the current policies in some order that makes sense to someone downtown Home CGHS
BECON Broward Education Communications Network    
Live & On-Demand Video Home CGHS
EduVision Downloads Home CGHS
BEEP Teaching Resources. Home CGHS
Brite Employee Self Service, etc. Home CGHS
CAB Main Page CAB EMAIL info, download client, etc Home CGHS
CAB Login CAB EMAIL Login via the Web Home CGHS
Calendar Broward Schools 2015-16 & 2016-17 Various Calendars Home CGHS
CGHS Carts Reserve Laptop carts for use in class. Home CGHS
CGHS Library On-line Card Catalog Home CGHS
CGHS Library DESTINY On-line Card Catalog Home CGHS
CGHS Math Page Math info from Troy Brathwaite (NEW) Home CGHS
CGHS MEDIA CENTER LINKS Card Catalog, Encyclopedias, Research Tools, Many Others Home CGHS
CGHS Home Page School Info Home CGHS
CGHS Sharepoint Direct link to sharepoint. Home CGHS
CGHS Tech Info Help in doing IT Tasks Home CGHS
Common Core State Standards Home CGHS Home CGHS
Common Core Communicator Home CGHS
CPALMS Florida's official source for standards information and course descriptions. Home CGHS
Easy IEP IEP Services for ESE Home CGHS
EMAIL Outlook (Microsoft) Home CGHS
EOC Math Reference Sheet (.pdf 2-sided) Home CGHS
ERP - Broward Schools Enterprise Resource Planning Home CGHS
 Sun-Sentinel Story
 FLDOE School Grades
 Browardschools School Grades
FCAT Explorer Build FCAT Skills Home CGHS
Florida Standards Assessments Practice Florida Standards test and item specifications. Home CGHS
Florida Virtual School Login Page Home CGHS
Inventory Database Read-Only Access. Log in as "Guest", choose leftmost icon. n/a CGHS
Literacy Design Collaborative Teacher-designed and research-proven framework, online tools, and resources for creating literacy-rich assignments and courses across content areas. Home CGHS
Marzano Observations iObservation Tool Home CGHS
Math Wiki Secondary Math Resources Home CGHS
Password Reset Reset Students (you must know your faculty ID & PW)  How to use this n/a CGHS
Reset Faculty (you must know your faculty ID & PW)   How to use this n/a CGHS
Pinnacle For grade entry. TOTALLY NEW AS OF 2015-08-21.
Your UserID is your "P" number followed by ""
Your password is your Active Directory (Network) password.
This is the one you use to sign on to the Windows PCs.
For students and parents.
Same as above except the UserID is the 10-digit student number followed by
Pinnacle Features A video showing new features. Home CGHS
Prowl On Line Our School Newspaper on the Web. Home CGHS
SEMS Login Book Substitutes / Check Assignments Home CGHS
Sunshine State Standards Next Generation (NGSSS). Home CGHS
Sunshine State Standards Current / Old. Home CGHS
TERMS You must have Java installed and enabled.
Virtual Counselor Login Screen Home CGHS
Work Order Submission From Within School Only n/a CGHS

Other Coral Glades Related Sites
Description Purpose Link From
Coral Glades Alumni Home CGHS
Coral Glades Cheerleading at Home CGHS
Coral Glades Cheerleading at Home CGHS
Coral Glades Baseball Baseball. Home CGHS
Coral Glades Jaguars Football? Doesn't look official.
whois shows it is maintained by a guy in Minnesota.
Coral Glades Music Band, Orchestra, Color Guard. Home CGHS
Coral Glades Music Flickr Page for Photos. Home CGHS
Coral Glades Music CGHS Music Assoc on Facebook. Home n/a
Coral Glades Football Official CGHS Football Site. Home CGHS
Coral Glades Hockey Official CGHS Hockey Site. Home CGHS
Coral Glades Videos ??? Home Home
Coral Glades Article at: Home Home
Coral Glades Article at: Home Home
Coral Glades Article at: Home Home
Coral Glades Article at: Home Home

Unofficial, but Possibly Useful Links
Description Purpose Link From
Ask Dr. Math Help with Math Home CGHS
Beeman's Schedule My Substitute Schedule Home CGHS
Broward County Public Library Card Catalog Home CGHS
Broward Grade Calculation Calculate Semester/Term Grade Home CGHS
CGHS Book Club All are Welcome. Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Students. Home CGHS
File Conversion Convert Microsoft Works files to Word
Plus many other conversions, text, video etc.
IP Address Your IP Address, Port #, & UTC Home CGHS

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